Wednesday 13 January 2016

Vegetable Tortillas and Spicy Chicken Tortillas

A few months ago I went to a cookery demonstration from Old El Paso, where I discovered the ‘stand and stuff’ tortilla kits – soft tortillas that stand up by themselves and resemble little boats; they are so easy to fill and eat and make Mexican food really fun.
Last Saturday I had two of my bridesmaids over for a dress fitting – we had a really nice day of trying on dresses (theirs and mine) and then discussing everything from shoes to nail varnish back at my house, while my long-suffering fiancé played computer games! They stayed to dinner and I made Mexican fajitas – a meat version and a vegetarian (actually, a vegan) version.
The tortillas are vegan and so is the seasoning mix that comes with the kit. To make the veggie one, I chopped half a butternut squash into cubes and decided the best way to soften it enough was to simmer it in a little water in the bottom of my Ozeri wok – so not boil in a pan of water as such, but I didn’t think frying alone would soften it enough.

When it had been cooking for about ten minutes I sliced a red pepper, green pepper and yellow pepper and added them to the pan with a sachet of the seasoning mix. With the water that was already in the pan it made a nice sauce. I also added some diced courgette.
For the meat option, I cooked three butterflied chicken breasts, again with a sachet of the seasoning mix (you can purchase them separately which I did as I wanted two and you get one in the kit) and when the chicken was cooked I shredded it with a knife and fork.

In the meantime I cooked some potato wedges in the oven and then heated some refried beans from a tin and put the sachet of salsa that came with the meal kit in one of the little bowls I bought in Mexico. I also grated some cheese, put some salad in bowls and quickly heated the tortilla boats in the microwave, and then allowed everyone to fill their own. It made for a really nice meal and was very easy to cater for both meat eaters and vegans or vegetarians.


I'm sending these to the Extra Veg food blog challenge as this is a fun way to eat more veg if you're not that keen perhaps - for some reason assembling your own and the little tortilla pockets are much more palatable than a plate full of veg! The challenge is hosted by Helen at Fuss Free Flavours.


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