Monday 11 January 2016

Meal Planning Monday 2016 Week 3

Meat free Monday: fettucine alfredo with garlic bread along the lines of these recipes: full fat version  and low fat version but I will use my own recipe using Quark. NB need to make three portions to have leftovers on Weds.
Tuesday: chicken pie and mash
Wednesday: out at a cake decorating course so I’ll have the leftover fettucine for lunch and a sandwich in the evening as that’s all I’ve got time to eat before the class starts.
Thursday: spiralizer recipe – Pad Thai with carrots and sweet potato from this recipe; might add prawns or fish
For the other half, as he won’t eat any of that, I will do something with chicken
Friday: something with chips from the freezer
Lunch: just me (he's out at a car show) - sweet potato soup with pomegranate
Dinner: Chicken lasagne with butternut squash
Lunch: cheesy pancakes
Dinner: toad in the hole

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