Monday 4 January 2016

Meal Planning Monday 2016 Week 2

I've decided to start doing #MeatFreeMonday but it won't be easy -  I’m a pretty fussy eater and there are a LOT of vegetables I don’t like. Mushrooms, peas, green beans, (baked beans for that matter), sweetcorn (ever tried to pick it out of a tuna sandwich?),  the list is pretty long. There are some vegetables on the other hand which I love, including broccoli, cauliflower and butternut squash, that work brilliantly in a variety of recipes. There are also vegetables which I don’t particularly enjoy but in certain recipes are OK so I thought it was about time I tried to eat more of those.
My fiancé is even fussier than I am so it will be quite a challenge, so I’ve decided that I will have a ‘Meat Free Monday’ every Monday in January – and then see how it goes – and do my best to find meat-free recipes that he will like. And if I can’t (or I want to make something in particular that I know he won’t eat), then I will make him something with less meat and certainly no processed meat (though if I’m desperate a margarita pizza will do!). If you have any suggestions for vegetarian meals for people who don’t like a lot of vegetables, please let me know!

Dinner: roasted cauliflower steak for me, cheese omelette and chips for him

Dinner: herby chicken breasts with garlic mash

Dinner: smoked salmon pasta

Dinner: tuna steak with broccoli and couscous similar to this recipe for me; gammon for him

Dinner: burger and chips for an end of week treat

Lunch: with friends who are coming for a bridesmaid dress fitting. One is vegan but my fiancé is a big meat-eater so I have to put a bit more thought into it! We also won't be home until at least 1.30 after the fittings so need a quick lunch and the only thing I can think of is soup that I can make in advance! Does anyone have any better ideas?
Dinner: TBA - not sure who is staying to dinner

Lunch: giant crumpets (which I found in the supermarket at last!) with bacon and poached eggs and cheese
Dinner: sticky Chinese pork based on this recipe


  1. Everything sounds very great! I hope the meat free meal went ok tonight x

  2. Sticky Chinese pork sounds lovely! That's one of my fav combos. Thanks for joining in!


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