Monday 25 January 2016

Meal Planning Monday - week 5

I've gotten fed up with struggling to lose weight and am increasingly busy with working, commuting, trying to run the house and now wedding planning as well, so I've signed up to a new diet website called Diet Plan. It gives you a daily menu of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, but unlike some other weekly diet plans, there is the option to switch out meals if you don't like them for alternatives. I decided that since I barely have time to do anything - last weekend planning meals for 2 weeks plus doing the online grocery shop took me 3 hours - then following a ready made plan might be easier! I will sometimes switch out meals if I have leftovers or ingredients to use up, as this plan sometimes asks me to buy fresh ingredients then only use half of them which isn't good, but other than that I will do my best to stick to it.

Breakfasts every day will depend on time - either porridge or yogurt or poached eggs.

Lunch – cheese salad sandwich on brown bread with fruit
Dinner – poached trout with dill sauce and watercress: though I forgot to buy trout and the supermarket was out of watercress, so instead I switched and made tomorrow night's dinner. Weirdly with dinner I am also allowed a slice of wholemeal toast and a Mullerlight
Snacks- apple nutrigrain, quarter of a fresh pineapple
Lunch: tortilla wrap with red pepper, reduced fat houmous, lots of watercress, piece of fruit
Dinner: turkey with tarragon and new potatoes and broccoli. Though I had been planning to make pistachio chicken with pomegranate sauce from this recipe and have pomegranate to use up. Ended up making Thursday night's dinner as I didn't want chicken two nights in a row.
Snacks – fruit, packet of snack-a-jacks
Lunch- tuna sandwich on wholemeal bread, piece of fruit
Dinner – griddled chicken with pineapple and lime salsa, brown rice, mixed salad, fruit - though I am at a cake decorating class this evening so I will try to prepare the dinner on Tuesday night and have it for my lunch, ie switch these meals around
Snacks- Walkers baked crisps and fruit
Lunch – smoked salmon sandwich and apple
Dinner- foil baked sea bass with tomato, coriander and coconut, brown rice. Update: switched for the pistachio chicken from Tuesday.
Snacks- yogurt and fruit
Lunch- chicken sandwich on brown bread, fruit
Dinner – BBQ pork medallions with new potatoes and salad
Snack – 2 crumpets with low fat spread
Breakfast – poached egg on wholemeal toast
Lunch- apple potato cheese bun from Inspiralized p119 with eggs; eggs and bacon for him with hash browns
Dinner – beef burger in bun with vegetable skewer and salad
Snack – 1 ryvita with soft cheese, fruit

Breakfast – poached egg on wholemeal toast
Lunch: jacket potato
Dinner: Sicilian pork with new potatoes and veg


  1. The plan looks good - and your menu sounds lovely. Enjoy your week. x

  2. Meal Planning when trying to lose weight is so helpful!

    Lovely meal plan! Have a good week! xx


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