Spiralizer Recipes

I've started using my spiralizer a lot particularly in the run-up to my wedding so I thought I'd pull together all the recipes and meals I've made using it, in one easy-to-find place.

A spiralizer is a really cool gadget that turns vegetables into ribbons. Mine came from Lakeland but you can buy them in several shops and they usually cost up to £30. Lakeland now also does a smaller, cheaper version that looks a bit like a giant pencil sharpener! That kind would only be good for long, thin veg like carrots and courgette, whereas with a proper spiralizer, you can do all sorts - butternut squash, sweet potato and so on. You don't necessarily need a spiralizer though - a lot of these recipes can be made using a julienne peeler, or even grated vegetables.

I've also started a blog challenge called Spiralizer Saturday so please link up your recipes! You will find the linkup in a post on my blog each month.

Spiralized vegetable Pad Thai

Spiralized sweet potato 'pizza'




  1. Love it!! Love it!! Had a big bulky food processor for spiralizer my zucchini and what a bundle something it was. This is small and light and handy to use...no heavy machine to drag out of cabinet. This works as well as the food processor and I will use it more often because it does not take up so much counter space.

  2. Its y- peeler allows easy management when peeling fruits and vegetables. best peeler


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