Thursday 8 October 2015

Tear and Share Cheesy Bread

It's always nice to have some fresh bread at a barbecue and good to take something homemade. When I was invited to a barbecue at a friend's in August I wanted to take something I'd made (as well as something to throw on the BBQ) and thought she would pretty much have dessert covered, so I would make bread.

I found a recipe on a website called Chef Jae, though it was for cheese and onion bread and my boyfriend doesn't like onion so I decided to leave it out. Tasting the bread at the barbecue I realised it wasn't cheesy enough so instead of putting a lump of cheese in each section I might grate cheese and scatter it throughout - and use a more mature cheese.

I forgot to sprinkle the extra cheese over the top as well which was a shame as that would have increased the cheese factor. The bread was good but next time I would probably try adding some sundried tomato or some rosemary.


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