Monday 19 October 2015

Meal Planning Monday Week 43

It's another busy week this week - I never realised how much there was to do when you got engaged! This week my sister is coming to stay on Thursday night (after dinner), I'm out with friends (and her) on Friday with a very important question to ask someone, and on Saturday we are going wedding dress shopping - I'm exhausted even just thinking about everything there is to fit in, but really excited!

Lamb for me (I had to defrost two pieces at once on Saturday) and burger and chips for him (also had to defrost one burger too many at the weekend)

Rest of fish pie from Sunday for me while the other half goes to his mum's

Gammon for him, salmon and veg for me PLUS make chocolate popcorn tray bake along the lines of this recipe.

Venison steak with fig for me, sausage and mash for him.


Lunch: At my house between wedding dress shops with my meat-eater fiancé, vegan bridesmaid, her daughter, my sister and me... I will do grilled sandwiches which we can have with tuna, cheese, ham, and I found a vegan idea of houmous, falafel and cherry tomato which hopefully will be nice.
Dinner: I think I will do something along the lines of this pithivier that I learnt how to do at a Jus-Rol event recently. I can do different fillings and make a vegan pastry and serve it with new potatoes and salad.

Lunch: French toast stuffed with cream cheese
Dinner: Chicken Chilaquiles from my Mexican recipe book

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  1. I am having a great time, reading everybody's menu plans....everyone is so different! I have a linky party at Cath@Home called What's for Dinner Wednesday....if you are interested to take a look :)


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