Monday 12 October 2015

Meal Planning Monday Week 42

The protein shakes seem to be having a good effect until I had two day off last week to make a wedding cake then went to the wedding on Saturday! Still I will get back on it on Monday. I will have to work late one night this week and probably not be home in time for dinner but I don't know which night it will be yet. I'm guessing Monday but could be wrong, which would then throw my meal plan out of whack slightly!

Monday – working late
Tues – Old El Paso chicken tacos (on the meal plan from last week but didn't have them)

Weds- stir fry (from freezer bag) for me, sausage and chips for him
Thurs – NB out to lunch. Dinner: inviting my future mother in law over. Will cook: baked cod with tomato sauce for us, chicken as the alternative for my other half who doesn't eat fish (my mother in law doesn't eat meat so I was always going to have to cook two different things!).
Fri- day off to meet with our wedding venue and suppliers
Sat – Lunch: don't know whether we will still be away in Wiltshire seeing suppliers or not as I'm still trying to make arrangments. Either way we should be home in time for dinner
Dinner: Lamb steaks and roast potatoes for me, steak for him
Sun- Lunch: bacon sandwich for him, Quorn or Slimming World sausage sandwich for me
Dinner: homemade fish pie for me, chicken pie for him

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