Saturday 17 October 2015

Layered Butterscotch Oreo Pudding

When I went to a barbecue at my friend Ros' house over the summer she made this amazing dessert.

Either luckily or unluckily for me (as I am trying to diet, but it looked amazing) I don’t like mint, and there was mint flavour in both the filling and the chocolate! My other half loved it though so I decided to make the same type of dessert but with a different flavour – butterscotch.
I had seen a new flavour of Oreo in Asda (which has been available in America for a long time) called Golden Oreos. They are a bit like custard creams but a little saltier I think, and really nice (though not as good as chocolate Oreos!). I also wanted to incorporate these into a dessert so decided to make this the bottom layer.
I completely followed Ros' recipe so I won't repeat it here; the only changes were that I used Golden Oreo cookies instead of chocolate Oreos for the base, and for the filling I left out the mint Aero, the green food colouring and the mint extract and instead I used butterscotch flavouring.

Similarly for the topping I left out the mint Aero and mint extract and instead decorated the top with some butterscotch chips I got in the US. It was a very indulgent and very nice!

I'm sharing this with We Should Cocoa, hosted this month by It's not easy being greedy, on behalf of Choclette of Tin and Thyme as the theme this month is America.



  1. oh i'm so torn between your stunning butterscotch version and Ros' mint version... I guess i'll have to make both and they them to decide!

  2. This sounds lovely and tasty - I really love these kind of layered puddings - what butterscotch flavouring did you use? It makes me think of butterscotch angel delght (my favourite!). Thanks for sharing for #WeShouldCocoa!


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