Thursday 15 October 2015

Old El Paso Restaurante Kit - Chicken Tinga

I don't often buy 'dinner kits', preferring to make things from scratch - or if I'm in a hurry just put on a pan of pasta. But  kits can be almost the same as cooking from scratch, and most importantly they save hunting around for ingredients and realising you don't have the right spices, which happens to me a lot!
I was sent two kits from Old El Paso - chicken tinga and Baja fish - and I tried the chicken one this week. They also make steak and pork kits in this range.

According to the company, "the origin of Chicken Tinga or “Tinga de Pollo” is most often attributed to the Puebla region of Mexico. Today, however, it is a popular street food throughout Mexico, especially during celebrations. The Tinga flavour is made with a mouth-watering blend of tomatoes, onions, garlic and smoked and dried jalapeños peppers known as chipotle chilies that give it a slight smoky taste."

Inside the box you get a packet of small flour tortillas, a sachet of chicken seasoning and another of chipotle sauce. It doesn't include the chicken, which means you can keep this box in the cupboard for when you run out of ideas for how to jazz up a chicken breast!

Following the packet instructions I mixed the chicken seasoning with water and cooked two chicken breasts in the liquid in a pan, until the chicken was soft enough to shred. I removed the chicken from the pan, shredded it and returned it to the pan, where the chicken soaked up a lot of the liquid.

I gently heated the tortillas in the microwave, then used some of the chipotle sauce to spread on each tortilla and filled it with chicken. The packet recommends you add onion and avocado but we don't like avocado and my fiancé doesn't like onion if it's big pieces so I left it out - instead I topped the tortillas with a little sour cream and a tiny bit of cheese for him. Fold and eat - it's as simple as that!

The tacos were delicious -a really good blend of spices. I served them with potato wedges and think this is definitely something I will be doing again!
Thanks to Old El Paso for the meal kits to review.

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