Monday 5 October 2015

Meal Planning Monday 2015 Week 41

I'm experimenting with something new at lunchtime: protein shakes. I've given up trying to follow Slimming World as I was failing miserably (it just didn't seem to be for me). My personal trainer has always been less than keen on SW and instead thinks I should focus on eating simple food, with lots of protein and little carbs. She recommended some protein powder you mix with milk to make shakes, which you can have as well as or instead of meals. She said it's a lot better for you than SlimFast (which I did years ago and think it helped a bit, though I wasn't actually very overweight at all at the time, despite what my ex led me to believe). So I decided to give it a shot and last Friday had a protein shake as my lunch - it did actually keep me full all afternoon and the chocolate flavour was lovely. Also, I'm so busy at work it was nice and convenient! I will have to see whether that combined with eating right does actually help me lose weight. I will probably continue having the shakes for lunch and maybe breakfast as well for this week.
Thai style sea bass based on this recipe for me; chicken fajitas for him
The other piece of fish I had to defrost yesterday as two were stuck together!
Probably working late so will grab something when I get home
Thursday – day off to start Ros’s wedding cake!
Lunch: will depend where I am as I have an appointment to try on wedding dresses at 11.30
Dinner: slow cooker venison and apple based on this recipe with mashed potato and chicken for him
Friday- another day off to do the cake and some of my own wedding planning
Dinner: mini rack of lamb with fig and couscous for me, chicken kiev and chips for him
Breakfast: sausage sandwich as I need something filling
Lunch/dinner: At a wedding
Breakfast: French toast with maple syrup I brought back from our holiday
Lunch: Possibly the above if we don't get up in time for breakfast, otherwise I will find something else
Dinner: Old El Paso tacos


  1. Oh the venison and apple sounds lovely. Good luck with the protein shakes - I'm plodding on with SW although it's not working particularly well for me. I suspect it's due to being on a limited diet because of allergies.

  2. I love the sound of the slow cooker venison and apple - I wouldn't have ever thought of cooking it with apple before. #mealplanningmonday


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