Thursday 22 October 2015

House of Fraser mood boards: autumn and Christmas cookware

Autumn Spice

Christmas is coming! You must have noticed all the shops have got their Christmas ranges out - it's just over two months to go. I love Christmas - all the anticipation, choosing gifts, picking out things I'd like, wrapping presents and of course the food! I don't yet know where I will be spending Christmas this year but probably won't be cooking my own Christmas dinner (though I did last year) - what will you be doing?

I used to love browsing through Christmas gift catalogues but somehow it isn't always quite the same online - items aren't presented in quite the same way. Which is why I love these mood boards from House of Fraser - a carefully curated selection of items on a theme. This one is called 'Autumn spice' and is full of pots and pans in very festive red. I particularly like the oven-to-table serving dishes and the cast iron cookery book would come in handy. And who doesn't love a jazzy apron?

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