Wednesday 28 October 2015

F1 Foods: USA Roundup and the next challenge: Mexico

Lewis Hamilton’s victory in Austin, Texas, means he has won the 2015 Formula One World Championships – his second in a row, which he is the first Briton to ever do. But more importantly (to me anyway) the fact that the Grand Prix took place in the US was an excuse to share some great American-inspired recipes.
I had hoped that more people would take part in the challenge but I suspect the name puts people off – it’s not about racing really!
Suelle at Mainly Baking has been great at taking part in this challenge and this time she made peanut butter and jelly brownies (jelly meaning jam to us Brits). It looks great with the peanuts scattered over the top and I bet the flavours are lovely.
I went to the US in September and brought back some goodies including mini Reese’s Pieces cups and Reese’s Pieces chocolate spread, which I used to make this chocolate peanut butter bundt. It was very rich and delicious!
I also made a layered butterscotch Oreo pudding, using butterscotch morsels I got in the US on a previous trip. I actually made this dessert in the summer but only blogged about it recently. It’s really easy to make and doesn’t involve baking though it needs a bit of time to set.
Similarly this fridge cake is a no-bake recipe and just needs to set and is a great one to make with the kids during half term. I used caramel apple flavour Oreos and candy apple popcorn that I got in the US, mixed it with melted chocolate and a little butter and that was it! It made for a good dessert after lunch when I had friends over as it’s so rich people only want a little bit.
The next F1 Grand Prix takes place in Mexico this weekend which is a good opportunity for you to send in your ‘Day of the Dead’ (or Halloween) inspired recipes if you like! I’ve got a Mexican dinner planned though was supposed to make it last weekend and we ordered a pizza instead! Hopefully I will have time to make it this weekend.
I’m opening the linky today and it will run until Sunday 8th November so you’ve got plenty of time to send in your recipes.

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