Monday 26 October 2015

Meal Planning Monday Week 44

It's half past 10 on Sunday night and I'm only just getting around to planning my meals for the coming week - I have about a million other things I needed to get done this weekend as well. I've had a really busy few days with my sister and another friend staying, going out with my uni friends for the first time in months and most importantly wedding dress shopping! So I really do need to step up the weight loss now I've found a dress, unfortunately I ate and drank quite a lot this weekend!

Monday: sausage, beans and mash for him, salmon and veg for me

Tuesday - out at a blog event

Wednesday: chicken kiev and chips for him, stir fry for me

Thursday: gammon for him, rest of stir fry for me

Friday: homemade chicken curry

Lunch: French toast stuffed with cream cheese (on menu but didn't make last week)
Dinner: Chicken Chilaquiles from my Mexican recipe book  (on menu but didn't make last week)

Lunch: bacon sandwich for him, Quorn sausage sandwich for me
Dinner: steak for him, venison for me, with roasted mini pumpkins

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