Tuesday 6 October 2015

F1 Foods: Japan Roundup and the Next Challenge: Russia

Once again I didn’t actually watch the Grand Prix as I was away on a friend’s hen night but I’ve said before I’m not the biggest fan: I started this challenge to cook something from each host country as a way to get more involved with my fiance’s hobby! Still when I do get a chance to watch a race I find them pretty absorbing.
This time was Japan and I took the opportunity to share a few recipes I’ve made before. If you’ve ever been in a Yo Sushi you might have seen chocolate mochi on the dessert menu; they are balls of rice flour filled with chocolate and taste really good, though the texture took me a bit of getting used to.
I also posted this bas-relief design recently, which I produced on a cake decorating evening class a few months ago. We could choose from various designs and I picked Sonic the hedgehog as I liked the way it looked and thought it would be a good challenge. I remember Sonic from computer games of my childhood but didn’t know that Sonic is actually a Japanese character – so that gives me a good excuse to enter it in this blog challenge.
I did also cook something on the weekend of the Grand Prix – I have the Wagamama cookery book at home but have hardly ever used it. Not every recipe in the book is Japanese but this one seemed to fit the bill, and tasted really good – honey pork ramen.
Finally Suelle from Mainly Baking sent in this Yuzu and green tea madeira cake where she has brought Japanese flavours to a traditional British bake. She said it has a delicate flavour where the slight bitterness of the tea contrasts with the sweetness of the cake.
And now to announce the next challenge: the next Grand Prix is taking place in Russia on the weekend of October 10/11, i.e. this coming weekend. You have until Weds 14th October to add your link to the linkup below.

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