Tuesday 4 March 2014

Weightwatchers Hot Chocolate Cake Flavours

I love hot chocolate and am a fan of the lower fat options like Cadburys Highlights, Skinny Cow and the Weightwatchers brand. So I was very pleased to receive samples of some new Weightwatchers hot chocolate flavours - particularly because the new range is based on cake flavours!

The three flavours available are Chocolate Cherry Brownie, Jaffa Cake, and Cappucino Cream Cake. The flavours are subtle - the chocolate cherry brownie has a hint of cherry, whereas the Jaffa Cake has a tangy orange flavour. The Cappucino Cream Cake is a smooth, creamy coffee and chocolate flavour and all three were lovely.

Each serving has just 38 calories or 1 Weightwatcher ProPoint. The pouches are resealable and contain eight servings, and cost £1.49 per pouch or two for £2.50.
They should be available in selected supermarket chains and independent stores now.


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