Saturday 15 March 2014

Royal VKB Special Spoons Review

This set of plastic cutlery might look a bit unusual, but that's the idea. I was recently sent the RoyalVKB Special Spoons to review, and was initially very dubious. The idea is that you have a different kind of spoon or fork for all those jars in your fridge - whether it's olives, pickles, jam or honey. To be honest I thought this was just going to be more unnecessary junk cluttering up my cutlery drawer, but after trying them out I have to say that I changed my mind!

I like the fact that each spoon or fork is engraved with the name so you don't come across them in the cutlery drawer and wonder what on earth each one is for.  First I tried out the olive spoon; it's a mini slotted spoon so is perfect for items stored in liquid, as the liquid drains away through the spoon. The handle is also long enough to get right down into the bottom of the jar, whereas the narrow head is also a lot better than trying to use a long-handled dessert spoon.

Next the pickle fork; this did indeed skewer a pickle onion easily, and again the fact that the fork is long and thin means it is ideal for reaching into a tall jar.

I raised my eyebrows at the 'toast spreader', thinking'really?'-  but in fact, how many times have you tried to spread something on toast only for the tip of the knife to cut into the bread? The toast spreader is wide and flat, but has a slight indent so you can scoop a little onto the spoon - in this case I used peanut butter - and then use the reverse flat side to spread it. I'm converted!

The jam spreader works in a similar way, but it has a much deeper base and higher sides, so is perfect for something more runny like honey; you can get a good amount on the spoon then drizzle it over your toast. The only one I didn't try out was the relish spoon as that isn't something I really eat.

The set comes in a choice of four colours - yellow, black, purple and red - and come in a 'model kit' format where each spoon is attached to the plastic and you have to snap them out. It means they look quite nice in the box  but that they don't take up much space afterwards in your cutlery drawer. They cost £9.95 for the set of five spoons/forks and you can buy them from this website. I would definitely put these special spoons in the category of "things you didn't know you needed until you tried them" - I really thought I wouldn't see the point in them but I was quickly converted!

Royal VKB is part of a Dutch company that makes stainless steel products and silverware and says that its product development has always concentratd on "solutions for modern man and his times". The set was designed by Ineke Jans, who has a background in design and previously worked for Habitat and now has her own studio. Thanks to Royal VKB for sending me the spoons to review.

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