Wednesday 5 March 2014

Teapot Birthday Card

One of my friends is a real tea connoisseur so for her birthday I wanted to make her a teapot birthday card (I also made a teapot birthday cake, which will appear on the blog soon!). A while ago I indulged myself by buying a few packs of shaped card blanks including these tea pot cards. They are white cards that stand up - the front and back of the card are attached only at the lid of the teapot.

I decided to go for a shabby chic, slightly mis-matched effect so covered the bottom half of the teapot with one printed paper and the top part with another. I then covered the base and the lid of the teapot with a third printed paper. I matched the handle and the spout to one of the papers, and made sure that the colourways were complementary. I added some sticky ribbon along the edge of the spout and the handle, and along the base and the lid. Part of the sticky ribbon had a 'happy birthday' motif so I stuck this along the middle of the teapot. Watch out for the matching birthday cake soon!

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