Monday 17 March 2014

Meal Planning Monday 2013 - Week 12

Still amid the whole house selling/buying process....I don't really have time at the moment to plan breakfasts and lunches as well (it's getting late and I'm doing the food shopping tomorrow morning) so for now I will just focus on dinners. I usually have a yogurt or cereal for breakfast and a sandwich for lunch anyway.

  Pizza - bought for a family party at the weekend and not cooked and I don't like to see food go to waste!

 Turkey escalopes wrapped in parma ham with mashed potato

  At home alone so I'll have a duck leg I've got in the freezer since my boyfriend doesn't eat duck. I fancy a variation on this recipe of duck leg with honey.

NB lunch with work colleagues 
Dinner gammon steaks and mashed potato

Dinner sweet chilli turkey burgers with chips

Lunch  probably at my boyfriend's mum's as we have more people viewing my house and need to get out of the way
Dinner either toad in the hole or anything fresh I pick up in the supermarket as we are going shopping while people are viewing my house

Lunch I was going to make hot dogs, at my boyfriend's request, but I'm taking inspiration from this website of creative hot dog recipes. But I've had to change my plans as we are now out on Saturday when people are viewing my house and I also bought some cheese I want to use so I'm going to make posh cheese on toast. I'll do the hotdogs next week.
Dinner roast chicken


  1. I can't believe - but I am also thrilled! - that there is a Creative Hot Dog Site!! I thought my overuse of the hotdog was confined to my lazy kitchen! I'm going straight over there

    Thanks for the link!!


  2. Everything sounds so good!
    Liking the sound of the Hot dogs!! What great ideas x

  3. Those Hot Dog recipes are great! (thanks for the link). I tend to follow the recipes from Bubble Dogs (scroll down for the menu) but I'm always up for something new :) x

    1. I did look at theBubbledogs website for ideas actually then found this other website. Have you been to Bubbledogs? I tried once but there was such a long queue that I gave up!


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