Monday 24 March 2014

Meal Planning Monday 2014 - Week 13

Breakfast crumpets

Lunch ryvita with soft cheese and homemade salmon pate

Dinner My boyfriend is out and since we are shopping at the weekend I'll buy some lovely fresh fish from the fish counter.

Breakfast yogurt

Lunch tuna and mozzarella quesadilla

Dinner At home- I'm taking the afternoon off as the tender sale process on my house ends today so I am going to the estate agent's to open the sealed bids... assuming there are any! We've already had an offer accepted on the house we want to buy so I'm really hoping mine does sell! So to celebrate/commiserate tonight's dinner will be pan-fried chicken breasts with sesame seeds and a mango hollandaise (Masterchef book p. 210). Followed by mini amaretto cheesecakes.

Breakfast yogurt
Lunch ryvita with soft cheese and homemade salmon pate

Dinner curry with leftover chicken

Breakfast  yogurt
Lunch leftover chicken curry
Dinner spaghetti bolognese, with mince in freezer from a previous batch cooking session

Breakfast yogurt
Lunch leftover spag bol or sandwich
Dinner Egg and chips for the other half, tuna with an Asian glaze (Masterchef cookery book p.196) and vegetables for me; or turkey-stuffed cabbage rolls

Breakfast yogurt

Lunch I was going to make hot dogs last week and had to change the plan so I will do it today.  I'm taking inspiration from this website of creative hot dog recipes.
Dinner At my parents', who I'm visiting for Mothers' Day

Breakfast At my parents', who I'm visiting for Mothers' Day
Lunch Out for Mothers' Day
Dinner won't be back til the evening so an easy dinner - sausage and mash I think


  1. Yum - those Masterchef recipes sound particularly good.


  2. Sounding gorgeous! Lots of people have put hotdogs on the menu this week :)) Including me


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