Friday 21 March 2014

Restaurant Review- Fox & Anchor, Barbican, London

Restaurant name: Fox & Anchor
Location: Charterhouse Street, London
Description: A cosy British pub near Smithfields market which also has a few rooms where you can also stay overnight.
Reason for visit: The annual Christmas pub lunch organised by one of my friends, which regularly sees anywhere between a dozen and two dozen people turn up for lunch, afternoon drinks, dinner, evening drinks or all four! She needed to find a pub that would cater to a big group only a few weeks before Christmas, but that at the same time wouldn't restrict us to a set Christmas menu. It couldn't have been easy to find somewhere, so I think she did really well!

I ate: Roast turkey and all the trimmings, of course. There are usually three choices of meat for the Sunday roast, at £15.50.
My companions ate: Several people went for the roast turkey but there were several other options . The menu includes chicken and ham pie, toulouse sausages with white bean casserole or swordfish with roasted peppers.
The food was: Good, the roast potatoes were especially nice and I liked that the gravy came in a little jug on the side.
The atmosphere/service was: Friendly and helpful, given we were a large group taking up most of the room in their pub!
Price range/value for money: £15.50 is, in my opinion, a little pricey for a Sunday roast, but this is central London - most of the time when I go to a pub for a Sunday roast it's with my family in Wiltshire or Hampshire. So overall I would say it's decent value for money.
Would I recommend it? Yes, it's a nice pub in a little sidestreet away from the hustle and bustle but you are still only a stone's throw from the meat market.

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