Wednesday 6 July 2016

Meal Plan - Week 27

Hello, I'm back! With a suntan, new surname and husband as well :-)  I haven't been meal planning for a couple of weeks as I've been on my honeymoon but didn't want to advertise too widely the fact that I was away. I had planned to do some scheduled blog posts before I went away but had far too much wedding planning to do! So I will be easing back into it gently with a mini meal plan as we came back to no food in the fridge and I need to work out what to buy!

Day off to recover (though we arrived back home yesterday afternoon). I was going to chill out at home and finish unpacking but have been invited to three Christmas press events on the same day, and normally can't go because I'm at work so have decided to take advantage of my day off and go to all three of them!
Early lunch: sausage or bacon sandwich (my mother in law kindly brought over a loaf of bread and some milk!)
Dinner: something from the freezer as I don't think I will have had time to do any shopping yet. He can have chicken and I'll have fishfingers.

Thursday: back at work
Lunch: sandwich
Dinner: spaghetti carbonara with extra broccoli for me

lunch: sandwich
Dinner: lamb grillsteak for me, gammon with fried egg for him

Lunch: watermelon and feta salad with chicken for me, cheese on toast for him
Dinner: barbecued pulled pork
dessert: I kept meaning to make the Choc Berry Mud from I Quit Sugar and my avocados kept going off before I got around to it (which is perhaps because it doesn't sound the most appetising but hopefully is lovely!)

Lunch: brioche French toast with bacon for him, caramelised peaches on vanilla brioche from Tesco magazine for me
Dinner: barbecue as the weather is meant to be nice and I don't know how long it will last! I'll have tuna steak, home made potato salad and some salad (need to get into healthier eating!) and will buy chicken kebabs or similar for him.
If I can get round to reading the instructions I promised I would finally get out the ice cream maker my husband bought me for Christmas!

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