Monday 18 July 2016

Meal Planning Monday - Week 29 2016

Salmon and veg for me (on the meal plan last week but didn't do it), chicken chargrills and mashed potato for him

Tuesday - home late as I have an after-hours meeting at work so will get my husband to put on something from the freezer for dinner. Or he can barbecue as today is meant to be a total heatwave!

Wednesday - out for drinks with a friend

Thursday - spiralized veg with mince for me (like spaghetti Bolognese), frozen pizza for him

Friday - spicy seafood chorizo paella from Inspiralized for me, gammon and chips for him

Lunch- fishfinger sandwich on doorstep bread for me (on the meal plan a week or two ago but didn't do it), bacon sandwich for him
Dinner - either at the cinema or outdoor theatre in the evening, depending on the weather and whether Shakespeare can win out over Star Trek! So might need dinner a bit earlier and think I will cook the chicken tikka masala I didn't do last week, if there is time. Or if it's really nice we will barbecue.

Sunday - at another car event, this time at Castle Combe, so out all day

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  1. Oooh the spicy seafood chorizo paella sounds so good! I love paella! I am also loving spiralised veg at the moment, it is so quick and healthy. Hope you are having a lovely weekend x


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