Wednesday 13 July 2016

Christmas in July: Asda press preview

I was invited to the launch of Asda's Christmas range - in July - and got a preview of some of the food and homewares they will be launching later this year. I thought I'd share with you some of the pictures I took and a few of my favourite items.

Unsurprisingly I was immediately drawn to the cakes and desserts and was particularly taken with this chocolate smash cake - a cake with a chocolate dome on top. The idea is that you smash the shell and find chocolates and gold stars inside - a bit like a piñata but in cake form. It's the Christmas pudding cake you can see at the front of this picture below.

This Opera cake decorated with shards of chocolate also looks very nice.

There were plenty of treats on display including a wide range of free-from and gluten-free products, including the gingerbread house below.

The party food range looked good; as well as bite sized canapes there was a giant three-tier pie which would make a great Boxing Day centrepiece. I believe the bottom is turkey, ham and apricot, the middle is stilton and cranberry and the top is game pie.

These canapes were very innovative - gammon served on edible pastry spoons:

I also got to have a look at the George at Asda clothes and gift range

 And it wouldn't be Christmas (even in July) without candy canes, chocolate coins and Santa!

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