Friday 29 July 2016

Restaurant review: All Bar One, Bishopsgate, London

I wasn't particularly impressed with a lunch I had at All Bar One on Bishopsgate before I went off to get married. I went with half a dozen colleagues and we had a large table reserved for us near the bar. There was plenty of choice on the menu and I decided that because my wedding wasn't far away I was going to have a salad. I ordered the superfood salad, which is vegan but you can add halloumi, chicken or prawns for a few pounds extra so I had the prawns. The salad consists of mixed leaves, giant couscous, pomegranate and lentil tabbouleh, butternut squash and beetroot, with a pineapple, lemongrass and ginger dressing.

I was so busy talking to my friends that I didn't really pay much attention to the menu and enjoyed the salad, but it was only when I left and chatted to a friend who had ordered the same thing that we realised our salads had no butternut squash and no pomegranate - pretty much half the main ingredients! The squash would have made the salad much more filling too so it was quite strange and annoying both that and the pomegranate (one of the more expensive ingredients) had been left out and what I had was a pretty plain salad. It didn't seem worth going back to the bar after we had left and complaining as there wasn't much they could do, and I wasn't even sure if they would give us our money back as we hadn't complained at the time.

Then I spoke to another colleague and discovered her chicken and avocado salad had plenty of other ingredients in it but was missing the avocado too! The bar wasn't particularly busy that lunchtime so maybe one of the chefs was having an off day, but unfortunately it's put me off going back. The rest of my colleagues, who did get what they had ordered, did really enjoy their meals at least!

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