Thursday 21 July 2016

Restaurant Review: Bill's, Epsom

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It seems ages since I went to the cinema – the last time we drove the half hour to our preferred cinema in Epsom, we discovered the film we wanted to see was listed on the website as 3D but actually only showing in 2D, so we turned around and drove home! The other half is quite into his Marvel movies and they do look better in 3D….
The time before that, we had a bit more time before the film and so I thought we could venture slightly further for dinner (so this time, all the way down the end of the high street and round the corner!).
I’ve eaten at Bill’s restaurants before though never the one in Epsom. This one has two floors with some cosy booths as well as standalone tables, and an outdoor seating area but the weather wasn’t good enough to be outside.
I wasn’t going to have a starter but since my fiancé wanted one I decided to have the houmous – which they spell hummus – and piadina bread, which is a large round Italian flatbread served folded and slightly warm, which was delicious.
For my main course I had a halloumi burger but the thick slab of cheese was a little too solid; I’d have preferred it to be slightly melted. It came with fries and a mayo dip and tasted good but after the houmous as well was far too much to finish!
Bill’s does provide a good selection of food and judging by the number of families we saw is quite popular with children as well as adults and it made a nice change to eat here before going to the cinema.


  1. This is not bills epsom

    1. Why do you think that? Obviously I posted this review a few months ago but am pretty sure it was!


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