Friday 19 April 2013

Restaurant Review - The Sun, Carshalton, Surrey

Restaurant name: The Sun
Location: North Street, Carshalton, Surrey
Description: Pleasant pub that is known for its weekly quiz and good food.
Reason for visit: Taking part in the pub quiz. It's free to enter, has some unusual question rounds (such as one where you gamble points) and prizes vary from a £200 bar tab to a forfeit. I've done this quiz three times and the first time we won - you choose an envelope at random to select a prize and I picked the £200 bar tab :-)
I ate: The Sun Beef Burger with cheese, £13
My companion(s) ate: it was burgers all round!
The food was: Delicious! The burger was massive and came with a small ceramic pot of chips. It was one of those burgers you have to cut in half to eat and even then struggle to finish.
The atmosphere/service was: service is quick and friendly and the atmosphere on quiz night is great, there's a mixture of regulars who take it quite seriously and people there just for a bit of fun.
Price range/value for money: Not cheap as far as pub food goes but worth it
Would I recommend it? Yes, the quiz is great fun and the food is excellent


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  2. sure it was a beef burger,and not a horse burger?????


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