Monday 1 April 2013

Meal Planning 2013 - week 16

I didn't go to Slimming World on Saturday as I was having some work done on my garage and couldn't leave the house at the time. It's the first one in ages I've missed and it's a shame as I thought I'd been fairly good last week!

Monday 15 April
Breakfast yogurt
Lunch Leftover sausage and bacon bake
Dinner - choir rehearsal so I will take a sandwich

Tuesday 16th
Breakfast Cereal
Lunch - Pasta and homemade tomato sauce leftover from the weekend
Dinner - with my boyfriend. Buttermilk fried chicken from this recipe with potato wedges
Dessert: pancakes with raspberry coulis

Weds 17th
Breakfast yogurt or Quorn sausages
Lunch sandwich
Dinner Homemade fishcakes from freezer with mashed potato and veg

Thurs 18th
Breakfast yogurt or Quorn sausages
Lunch - sandwich
Dinner - out at annual work quiz

Fri 19th
Breakfast yogurt or Quorn sausages
Lunch sandwich
Dinner- Out- seeing the lovely Adrian Lester in Othello at the National Theatre, not sure yet where we are eating beforehand

Sat 20th
Breakfast yogurt or Quorn sausages
Lunch  French onion soup
Dinner possibly by myself (my boyfriend is on a stag night) unless I arrange to go out with friends. If I'm home, I might treat myself to a pizza or similar.

Sun 21st

Breakfast cereal
Lunch My boyfriend and his dad are helping clear out my garage but as I will be doing it with them I won't have time to make anything complicated for lunch. Sausage sandwiches appear to be the request
Dinner Possibly having my boyfriend over as I won't have seen much of him all week, but if he's been helping with my garage all day he might just want to go home. If he comes over for dinner I'll make lime and coconut chicken with this as a possible dessert: apricot and apple clafoutis for me, chocolate clafoutis for him. I wasn't even sure such a thing existed (as clafoutis is traditionally made with fruit) so I was going to invent a recipe but I have found several online!
Also need to make cauliflower and sausage casserole from this recipe for Monday

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  1. Great meal plan!! I like the sound of the Buttermilk fried chicken
    Have a fab week x


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