Thursday 11 April 2013

Farmyard Fun Pull-Tab Card

I made this birthday card for a little boy who was turning three. It came from a card making magazine full of ideas for children's cards; the magazine also came with a set of printed papers and pictures to cut out to make each of the card projects. I'm glad I had full instructions as this was a bit tricky (though now I know how to do it I could make something similar again), and it did take me a lot longer to make than most of my other cards. As you'll see below, there is a chicken hiding behind the window in the hay loft, and you can pull the tractor to open the barn doors and show the horse who is inside.

Here's the magazine I used

The first step was to cut out the barn doors and horse picture then cut them both in half down the middle. I then had to mount each piece on a piece of card cut out according to a template; it has a large tab on the left, a smaller one on top, and a square hole in the middle. The piece of card underneath has tabs that can be folded.

Place the two pieces together and use the tabs on the bottom piece to hold the top piece in place.

Next I cut out the large backing picture

And also the shed. There was a small picture of a chicken which I stuck behind the window gap and stuck a shutter - you can only see the underneath of it here - over the top, so it can be opened and closed.

Next I glued the barn onto the backing paper, having put the horse and barn door cardboard piece in the middle. There's just enough room at the sides that you can pull the blue tab on the left, and open and close the barn doors.

Finally I glued the tractor picture onto the end of the blue tab. Here the barn doors are closed and the window shutter is also closed.....

... then pull the tractor and the horse appears!

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