Tuesday 23 April 2013

Restaurant Review- The Bridge Bar and Eating House, Heathrow Terminal 3

Restaurant name:  The Bridge Bar and Eating House
Location: Heathrow Terminal 3
Description: There are surprisingly few places to eat once you go through security at terminal 3; this pub-style restaurant seemed the best bet to get breakfast.
Reason for visit: Breakfast before an early flight
I ate: Sausage bap

My companion(s) ate: Full English breakfast with a side order of toast (which surprisingly isn't offered as part of the breakfast)
The food was: Not great. My sausage bap contained two sausages and I had to go hunting for mustard on another table. The full English was better from what I gather, but really nothing special.
The atmosphere/service was: I never understand why there are so many people drinking alcohol at 8am. Yes, your holiday has officially started and you can let your hair down, but a pint of beer or glass of wine at 8am? The service wasn't very good, and the place didn't seem particularly busy so there was no excuse. The toast we ordered with the breakfast didn't arrive and when we asked, the waiter checked his notebook and said there was no record of any toast, so we asked for some again, which was brought to us. Then, when we had almost finished eating, another waitress came by with a side order of toast, saying "you ordered extra toast?". We said no, we hadn't (as we'd been told our first order hadn't gone through, and we didn't want two portions at that price) and she tried another table without success, then took it back to the kitchen.
Price range/value for money:  With a hot chocolate and orange juice, the whole lot came to £17. I know airport eateries are expensive - probably to do with the rent they are charged - and they have a captive audience, but I would hope that the food would be better for the price.
Would I recommend it? Not really, but unfortunately if I wanted breakfast at terminal 3 I probably would have to go here again as there's little choice. We wanted a 'proper' meal rather than a coffee and croissant or bringing our own food as we thought it might be the only hot meal we would get all day, as there was no food included on our flight (and I hate paying for overpriced sandwiches where I don't like the fillings on planes) and I wasn't sure if we would arrive at our hotel too late for dinner.

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  1. the food doesn't look or sound that nice! you would have been better off taking a picnic(i know you wanted hot food though).


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