Monday 22 April 2013

Meal Planning 2013 - Week 17

I'm finally back on track with Slimming World after a month that has been a write-off - after a holiday this time last month then an incredibly few busy weeks at work I stopped planning and tracking. I'm back on the wagon, lost a pound last week and currently munching on some carrot sticks as I write (sigh). But it's my birthday party this Saturday which will involve lots of cake so I don't know how the next few weigh ins will go!

Monday 22nd
Breakfast - cereal
Lunch - Baked potato with mackerel
Dinner - choir rehearsal so I will take a sandwich

Tuesday 23rd
Breakfast cereal
Lunch - Out with a friend for lunch
Dinner - having my boyfriend over for dinner - lime and coconut chicken. Intended dessert - Slimming World chocolate and apricot souffles from this recipe, but so far I haven't been able to get hold of any apricots!

Wednesday 24th
Breakfast - yogurt or Quorn sausages
Lunch sandwich
Dinner -tricolour pasta with Nigella's yellow spaghetti sauce

Thursday 25th
Breakfast toast/cereal
Lunch leftover pasta
Dinner possibly going to the cinema so will eat out

Friday 26th
Breakfast yogurt or Quorn sausages
Lunch sandwich or baked potato
Dinner quorn burger and homemade chips (I'm trying to use up things in the freezer!)

Saturday 27th
Breakfast yogurt
Lunch mackarel in mustard sauce on toast
Dinner - out with friends for my birthday/ actually it now looks like I will be doing food at my house before we go out. Either way it will involve cake.

Sunday 28th
Brunch As I will have several people staying over the easiest thing to do is sausage/veggie sausage/bacon/egg/toast/beans sort of combo
Dinner- with my boyfriend -TBA. Quite fancy a takeaway but I'm supposed to be losing weight!

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  1. Not as such but after I cook some SW recipes I put them on my blog, assuming I've adapted them a bit as it isn't fair to just copy a whole recipe that is one of the benefits of paying for membership. You can find a few Slimming-World friendly recipes under the Slimming World tag in the column on the right.


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