Monday 8 April 2013

Meal Planning 2013 - week 15

I'm not doing too well with the weight loss at the moment, I put that down to having been extremely busy at work last week, so much so that one evening it was all I could do to collapse on the sofa and order a pizza for dinner! But I'm back on the wagon and tracking my Syns - which I haven't done for  a few weeks either - so hopefully that will pay off.

Monday 8th April
breakfast - Yogurt
lunch- Weightwatchers ready meal - fish pie with vegetables
dinner - My choir is putting on a concert tonight and we have a rehearsal all afternoon; I assume we will have a break before the concert in the evening so I will take sandwich to eat beforehand.

Tuesday 9th
Breakfast cereal
Lunch Baked potato with tuna
Dinner Leftover roast from Sunday (and make pasta for lunch tomorrow)

Breakfast cereal
Lunch Smoked salmon pasta
Dinner  with my boyfriend. Teriyaki chicken from How To Feed A Man with Love

Thurs 11th
Breakfast cereal
Lunch leftover teriyaki chicken
Dinner fishcake and new potatoes

Fri 12th
Breakfast Cereal
Lunch Baked potato or leftover smoked salmon pasta
Dinner Out with my boyfriend or at his house

Sat 13th
Breakfast Cereal
Lunch proper penne al'arrabiata from this recipe
Dinner - with my boyfriend: Philadelphia sausage and bacon potato bake from this recipe  followed by chocolate and raspberry mousse

Sun 14th
Brunch Findus-style crispy pancakes with cheese and ham based on this recipe
Dinner roast pork

--- republishing because somehow I managed to revert this to a draft!


  1. Good luck with the weight loss!!
    You have some lovely meals planned :)

  2. Mmmm - love the idea of homemade crispy pancakes!


  3. Ooh home made crispy pancakes! I'll have to have a go at them!


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