Monday 1 April 2013

Meal Planning 2013 - Week 14

I put on 2 pounds over the week I was away and the following week I was back, so I need to do something about shifting that!

Easter Monday bank holiday and also my boyfriend's birthday so we will be at his house in the afternoon having cake (which I am making of course).
Breakfast Bread and butter
Lunch Sausage sandwich/ leftover chorizo sausage roll
Dinner Probably won't want anything after afternoon tea

Back at work
Breakfast Cereal
Lunch Baked sweet potato with chilli and feta cheese
Dinner Out with my boyfriend - I've booked tickets for us to go up the Shard for his birthday and I'm taking him out to dinner afterwards

Breakfast Cereal
Lunch Baked potato with tuna
Dinner Lamb curry with leftover lamb

Breakfast cereal
Lunch leftover curry
Dinner Having my boyfriend over to dinner - crumbed chicken with mozzarella, capers and thyme, with potato wedges; profiteroles for dessert

Breakfast Cereal
Lunch Leftover potato wedges with salmon and broccoli chunks in a white sauce (basically recreating a Weightwatchers ready meal)
Dinner Sausage and red wine risotto

Breakfast Quorn sausages and/or potato rosti if time
Lunch Packed lunch as I have a choir rehearsal all day
Dinner At my boyfriend's house

Breakfast/brunch At my boyfriend's house
Dinner Steak and homemade potato wedges


  1. Loved to see the "recreated ready meal" on your menu, because that exact dish is the only ready meal I've ever eaten that I've then gone on to copy - I love it! I prefer my version to the bought one, even though there are probably more calories in it.

    1. That's also about the only ready meal I will actually eat! It is really tasty and doesn't seem like a 'diet' meal at all - apart from the portion size perhaps!

  2. Happy birthday to your Mr! Enjoy he cake :) x

  3. Hurrah for birthdays and cake! Enjoy!


  4. The crumbed chicken with mozarella sounds gorgeous. Enjoy the Shard


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