Friday, 12 April 2013

Pop-Up Animal Card

Here's the other card I made for a three year old boy's birthday (they are twins). It has a pop-up cow and a farmyard theme on the front.

I made it from the same magazine and paper set as the pull-along tractor card and this was a bit quicker to make but probably more difficult. I've never really sucessfully made a pop-up card before and it wasn't entirely clear from the instructions which tab to stick where, so it took me a couple of attempts before I could get the cow to pop up!

I started off using a template to cut a particular shape out of a piece of green card.

I also covered the inside of a white square card blank with printed green paper that I thought looked a bit like grass and leaves, and cut out the cow picture that was provided.

I added a couple of birthday banners across the card, and stuck the cow onto the cardboard shape I had already cut out. After a couple of false starts I managed to stick it correctly so the cow folds down when the card is closed, and pops up when the card is opened.

I covered the front of the card in the same backing paper and added the other animal pictures that were provided in the pack. I thought it was still lacking something though so I found some die-cut balloon shapes and made them look as if they were attached to the pig and he was floating in the sky. I also added a silver 'happy birthday' outline sticker to the balloons.

Here's the cow popping up when you open the card - I'm really pleased I've got the hang of pop-ups now!


  1. brilliant----a pop up cow(e)- i know who that was for.!

  2. The main thing I love about this post is the way in which you have explain in the pictures. It is a cutest kids card I have seen ever.


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