Sunday 15 March 2015

Tattered Lace Mother's Day Card

When I was a child I made Mothers’ Day cards at playschool and brownies and so on for my mum – and now I’m an adult I still like the homemade touch. I made this card for my mum for Mothers’ Day using a pack of die-cuts I bought on Ebay.
From what I can tell, these are from the Stephanie Weightman tattered lace collection. These are a beautiful set of die cutters but unfortunately the machines you need to use them with are quite expensive (up to £200) and some of the dies cost around £30 each, so I don’t have them. Instead, it’s easy and fairly cheap to buy a set of cuts outs that someone else has made from their die cutter, and that way you can vary what you purchase.
I used a piece of pink backing paper with a faint criss-cross backing and put a delicate die cut on top, which was like a lattice almost the size of the whole card. I then added a large circle with lace edge to one corner and a small flower in the other corner. I stuck the words 'happy Mother's day' from a pack of outline stickers to the circle.
It needed something else; I had recently bought a pack of foam hearts of different sizes and shades from Hema so layered a few of these up in the top left corner and did a row of three small hearts in the top right. It's quite a pink card, but I think it's pretty!

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