Friday 6 March 2015

Beetroot Brownies - Low-Fat Chocolate Brownie Recipe

My grandparents are supposed to be on low-sugar diets but I wanted to bake my granddad something for his birthday recently. It had to be something I could make fairly quickly and transport easily so I decided to make him a nicely-packaged box of chocolate brownies. I had a look on the internet and found a recipe for low-sugar chocolate brownies on the Diabetes UK website, which use beetroot to make them moist. They tasted really good- chocolately enough that while you can detect a hint of beetroot I didn't really notice there was anything different (though my boyfriend did, but he doesn't eat beetroot and can smell something he doesn't like a mile off!).

You can find the full recipe here. The only change I made was to use agave nectar instead of maple syrup.

Putting the beetroot, coffee, eggs, vanilla and agave nectar into the blender:

The mixture is a lovely browny-red colour

Ready to go in the oven

And baked!

Sliced into squares. The brownies were moist and slightly fudgy and tasted really good.

I'm sending these to the new egg link-up hosted by Dom at Belleau Kitchen, called Simply Eggcellent.

This is a good way to get an extra portion of veg which is hidden from picky eaters, so I'm entering this in Extra Veg, hosted by Elizabeth's Kitchen Diary on behalf of Helen at Fuss Free Flavours.

These are so easy that children could make them (just watch the beetroot juice doesn't get all over their hands as it really stains!- adults should probably add the beetroot to the blender then let the kids take over) so I am sending this to Family Foodies, hosted by Louisa at Eat Your Veg and Vanesther at Bangers and Mash.


  1. Oh these are little beauties aren't they? I love how they retain a little of that dark redness in the chocolate colour and a bonus that they're low fat too. Thanks so much for entering the into the simply eggcellent link up x

  2. What a lovely gift to take to your Grandad. I imagine they were lovely and squidgy. Great colour too!


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