Tuesday 24 March 2015

Formula 1 Foods: Australia round-up and the next challenge

I didn't watch the Australian Grand Prix because it was Mother's Day - and really I would only have watched it if I was at home with my boyfriend! But I did make these Australian lamingtons in honour of the race and my new blog challenge a few days before. Considering I don't really like coconut, they were surprisingly good!

The first challenge wasn't particularly well advertised (I'll try to do better this time!) so there was only one other entry, which came from Suelle at Mainly Baking. Her chocolate macadamia slice looks delicious - I didn't know that macadamia nuts are only produced in Australia, so it's perfect for this challenge!

March 28/29 sees the Grand Prix move to Malaysia so I look forward to seeing your recipes, whether they are sweet or savoury. The link-up will be open for about a week either side of the event which should be plenty of time to send in your recipes. Scroll down for the linky tool.

The rules are simple:
You can use old posts if you add the badge; please add your entries to the link-up; tweet them to @Caroline_Makes and I will retweet all the ones I see. The deadline for each mini-challenge will be roughly a week long, depending on the date of the race and when the next one is. And that's about it!
The first challenge was: Australia 
The second challenge is: Malaysia

Link up your entries here!

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  1. Oooh I love Malaysian food - haven't cooked anything new of that kind this week, so I've linked a post from a couple of weeks ago - hope that's OK


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