Monday 9 March 2015

Meal Planning Monday Week 11

I've been away or busy at weekends for two weeks which is when I normally do my food shopping, so I'm trying to use up some stuff in the freezer this week!

Dinner: out with my boyfriend
Dinner: sandwich – at cake decorating class
Dinner: Sllimming World chicken tikka ready meal - the only one I haven't tried yet and I will be in a hurry tonight finishing a cake for a bake sale tomorrow
Dinner:  giant filled Yorkshire puddings (on a recent meal plan but I didn't make them)
Dinner: either ham and leek hash with creamy onion sauce from Slimming World Little Book of Sauces for me, with hash browns for him - on a recent meal plan too but didn't make that either or chicken fajitas
Saturday lunch: bacon/sausage sandwich
Dinner: on the train going to see my parents
Sunday lunch: at my parents' for mother’s day
Dinner: probably a snack on the train as it will take me ages to get home thanks to engineering work

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  1. Ooh giant yorkshire puddings, that's making me peckish! Hope you have a lovely week xx


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