Friday 27 March 2015

Malaysian Pineapple Cookies

This weekend's Formula 1 Grand Prix is taking place in Malaysia. I thought about making a savoury dish for my challenge Formula 1 Foods - when I went to Kuala Lumpur in 2013 I had a nice chicken and noodle dish. But I wanted to find something sweet, so turned to the internet and came across a website called Rasa Malaysia, with a recipe for  the best ever pineapple cookies. Mine did turn out rather different to the picture though!

For one thing, this recipe gives quantities to make 100, which sounded at least five times more than I wanted! It was difficult to divide the recipe that much though (eg it uses two egg yolks) and I also got a bit confused by the quantity of pineapple needed; two whole pineapples should be 3.5kg, meaning one is 1,750 grams - but after I sliced up one whole pineapple I only had about 800g. But in the end I had a lot of pineapple left over!

I halved the quantity of the dough but found it really didn't go far. My pineapple was still quite moist and not a sticky ball like in the picture, so I needed quite a lot of cookie dough to go around it. So I ended up with about a dozen large cookies when according to the recipe I should have had about 50!

I also found it quite hard to get the pineapple to stay inside as it was so moist and I ended up making a few cookies thumbprint style with the pineapple on top, which worked quite well.

The cookie dough wasn't particularly sweet and had quite a milky flavour, from the condensed milk; it went well with the sweet yet sharp pineapple in the middle but I'm afraid to say I'd rather have a chocolate chip cookie any day! Still, this was an interesting experiment - I enjoy making dishes from different cultures. I'd be interested to hear the thoughts of anyone who has made this recipe or eaten Malaysian pineapple cookies before!

I'm entering this into Formula 1 Foods, the blog challenge I host related to the Grand Prix races as this weekend it is taking place in Malaysia.

I'm also sharing this with Tea Time Treats, hosted by Janie at the Hedgecombers and Karen at Lavender and Lovage, as their theme this month is biscuits and cookies.


  1. I love pineapple! This looks like a very unusual recipe..... I think I prefer the look of the thumb-print stylie ones!

  2. Well done for even trying these - I chickened out at the amount of work involved! There are versions which just balance a ball of pineapple on the dough, like your thumbprint cookies, and some which look like sausage rolls, so your version is just as authentic as the enclosed cookies.

  3. Oh my these sound amazing! So glad you persevered with them, I bet each mouthful was perfect. Thanks so much for sharing with Tea Time Treats :)
    Janie x


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