Monday 16 March 2015

Meal Planning Monday 2015 - Week 12

I had an awful lot of cake last week thanks to two Comic Relief bake sales (one of which was a bake-off competition, which I won with this cake) and we had take-away one night as well so I really need to get back on the diet this week! I have also got a few meals that I keep putting on the menu plan and just never getting around to so I will try to do them this week.
Monday- salmon with linguine and pesto from this recipe (chicken for the Other Half who doesn't eat fish)
Tuesday- Lunch: leftover pasta from last night
Evening: at cake decorating course so will take sandwich
Wednesday- Probably home late so frozen pizza
Thursday- tuna steak with sweet chilli and noodles for me, chicken kiev for him
Friday- spicy pulled pork in slow cooker - if I remember to put it on before I go to work! From the Slow Cooker Book p.73
Saturday lunch- baked eggs in bacon
Dinner- out - at  cinema
Sunday lunch- home alone so either soup or pasta or a sandwich
Dinner- giant filled Yorkshire pudding that I keep putting on the meal plan but not making

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