Thursday 12 June 2014

Restaurant Review: The Drapers Arms, Barnsbury, London

Restaurant name: The Drapers Arms
Location: Barnsbury Street, Islington, London
Description: Gastropub with a nice garden tucked away in a residential part of Islington, opened by the son of Evening Standard restaurant critic Fay Maschler
Reason for visit: Pre-theatre snack and drinks with a friend. It was in the right area not too far from the theatre.
We ate: As we didn't have much time we decided to share a charcuterie platter and some fish balls which came with mayonnaise.

The food was: The fish balls were particularly nice.
The atmosphere/service was: We sat outside in the garden and as I arrived first, I sat on a large picnic table. Two people came in and asked if they could sit there too (there were no empty tables left) so I said yes, and they promptly started smoking. A few minutes later they were joined with four of their friends, also smoking and braying with laughter in that Made In Chelsea way. When my friend arrived she had to squeeze on the bench next to me and we tried to ignore them. Which is in no way the fault of the pub but it did slightly spoil my enjoyment of the evening!
Price range/value for money: I'm not sure as my friend paid, but looking at the menu online it's not cheap - but then, this is a gastropub in Islington.

Would I recommend it? Yes, it seemed a nice place, it's just a shame people are allowed to smoke in the pub garden.

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