Sunday 8 June 2014

Jane Asher Baking Goodies at Poundland

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I love a bargain, perhaps more than most. That's not to say I won't pay for quality or scrimp on standards, I just like to know I've paid the least amount possible for what I choose. A case in point is my Mulberry Alexa handbag, which I love - I got it at 50% off at Bicester Village. Yes, it's a designer label (one of the very few designer items I own) but there's still no point paying really silly money for it (I just paid silly money, not really silly).
So when I saw that Poundland had a new range of Jane Asher bakeware I was very excited. Unfortunately I hardly ever get to go shopping in Poundland (or maybe fortunately, as I always buy a lot!) as they seem to be in areas nowhere near where I live or work or go shopping. Every so often though when an event or appointment takes me out of my way and I see a Poundland, I will always go in - and come out with a bagful of goodies! I know enough to know that not everything in Poundland is a bargain - e.g. some of the toiletries if you got them on 3 for 2 in Superdrug, or a promotion in the supermarket, would be less than a pound elsewhere. But for party supplies and cheap children's toys and craft activities, you can't fault it. I've also found that the bakeware items from Poundland are really good -  in the past I've bought silicon cake moulds and cupcake boxes for instance. I also stock up on card making supplies when I come here, like these stickers.

I was determined to find a Poundland but didn't think there were any in central London so was really pleased when I found there was one in Hoxton I could reach from my office in about 20 minutes by bus and a short walk through a housing estate (making me wonder if I had gone the wrong way) - the perfect amount of time to go there and back in my lunchbreak!
Unfortunately much of the Jane Asher range was sold out which was disappointing - I had seen a plastic cake carry case on the website which would cost around £20 anywhere else I think. There were also individual ceramic casserole dishes which looked a lot like Le Creuset, a set of cake pops moulds, a cake pop holder, an a pack of two cake boards - all for a pound each - which I had my eye on. But the only items left when I got there were the plastic cake slice, the cookery book, a cookie cutter set in various colours, some muffin cases, pastry brushes, plastic sieves, whisks and round ceramic dishes. 
Most of these were fairly non-descript and I didn't think that I was saving much money - obviously if I was in need of a pastry brush it would have been good, but these sort of items are usually quite low cost anyway, other than the ceramic dishes but I didn't need any of those. I was pleased to find the cookery book (I bought the last one!) and the cake slice however. When I go to Clandestine Cake Club meetings we are asked to bring our own cake stand or plate and knife or cake slice. I don't really want to walk around town with a huge knife in my bag so I bring my late grandmother's sterling silver cake slice, but am always worried I am going to accidentally leave it behind. Also, it's quite heavy - so the Jane Asher one, made of light plastic, will be perfect for CCC events in future.
The cookie cutters also looked pretty good - I do have some fluted round cutters already but this set includes some bigger sizes than the ones I currently have, and they are double sided so you can cut either smooth or crinkled edges, which is really good.
As for the cookery book: I haven't made anything from it yet as I've only just bought it, and I was slightly dismayed to see on the back the price was printed on the back as £6.99 but then followed by "SPECIAL EDITION FOR POUNDLAND". Which is a shame if you wanted to give this as a gift! 
The book has some lovely photos and recipes are fairly traditional like Victoria sponge, black forest gateau, lemon madeira cake, eccles cakes, crumpets and tea cakes.
While I'm on the subject of shopping, another place I love is The Works. They have a big range of craft and card making supplies and recipe books (it is mainly a bookshop) and occasionally bakeware gifts as well. I went to Salisbury to see a friend for her birthday recently and The Works is right by the carpark she used so we popped in - several pounds later I was wondering how I was going to get everything home on the train!
Most items I bought were either 99p or £1.49. I got a lot of alphabet letter stickers of different kinds for a project I am planning, plus some greetings labels, mini flags and mini blackboards that I thought would look cute on cards, some sparkly gems and a kit to make paper flowers. I just need to find time to use it all now!

Disclaimer: I bought the products with my own money and all opinions are my own. This post is not in conjunction with Poundland or The Works.


  1. We have a couple of Poundland shops in huddersfield (probably because it's a student town!) so I know where I'm heading now the next time I get chance?

  2. I was in Poundland last week and bought a few of Jane Asher products including the cake pop stand. I didnt see the cookbook though which seems like a good bargain!

  3. It always amazes me what you can pick up in random shops! I always find the most unexpected baking stuff in The Range. But I have never checked out Poundland..... maybe I should pay them a visit?!


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