Thursday 19 June 2014

Posh Cheese on Toast


 Cheese on toast is a quick and easy snack but sometimes seems a little bit plain. I found a recipe online which inspired what I am calling 'posh' cheese on toast.

To serve one person as a substantial lunch, you need two pieces of bread; pop them in the toaster just before the cheese mixture is ready.

Thinly slice half a leek and sweat it in some butter.

Add 1 tbsp plain flour and stir in then pour in about 150ml milk and stir until blended. Bring to the boil then simmer until the mixture has started to thicken. Add a handful of grated cheddar and half a teaspoon of English mustard powder.

When the mixture has thickened, add a few lumps of soft goat's cheese and stir in until melted.

Pile the cheese mixture onto the toast and serve.

I really liked the texture of having almost a very thick sauce on my toast and the taste was excellent.

I'm sending this to Chris at Cooking Around the World who has an innovative blog challenge based on the World Cup. England are playing tonight - literally right now, I've got one eye on the TV and one eye on my laptop (OK, I'm not much of a football fan)! I guess this recipe is arguably more of a Welsh rarebit but it uses English mustard and to me, cheese on toast reminds me very much of my childhood in Wiltshire.

I'm also sending this to Eat Your Greens, a new blog challenge hosted by Shaheen at Allotment2Kitchen. This month you can send in anything using a green veg.

Extra Veg, hosted by Michelle at Utterly Scrummy and Helen at Fuss Free Flavours, is a good challenge for me to enter with this cheese on toast as well, as it sneaks in a portion of veg which you barely notice, it's so yummy!


  1. Did I mention already, that I love cheese?

  2. Thank you so much Caroline, as a Welsh girl, I so approve - poshed up with Goats cheese, I am pretending that's Welsh too, even though you have also share this for England World Food :) Thank you for supporting my first ever event, pls come back end of the month for the Round up.

  3. Love the English rarebit. Gorgeous with the leeks too. Very chic!

  4. This is so special, I have never thought of doing something like this. But it sounds great. For cheese and toast, I like to add some fruits for my breakfast or supper. Banana is my favorite, melted cheese and sliced banana toasted sandwich, it is so nice. :)


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