Monday 16 June 2014

Meal Planning Monday 2014 - week 25

Breakfast Poached eggs
Lunch Chicken salad

Dinner BBQ leftovers from Sunday

Breakfast cereal

Lunch baked potato

Dinner Out at a blogger event

Breakfast Poached eggs
Lunch Salad (what kind will depend on what I have in the fridge!)

Dinner fajitas

Breakfast yogurt

Lunch salad

Dinner Ecuadorian potato cakes with sausages from a recipe I found online

Breakfast yogurt

Lunch sandwich

Dinner piri piri chicken

Breakfast yogurt

Lunch nachos with salsa and cheese with either chicken or sausages- bit random but I fancy making the nachos after I saw them in a Tesco magazine
Dinner steak with chimmichurri then going to a party at a friend's

Breakfast bacon sandwich or similar

Lunch probably a late one - at a Christening for a friend's baby - the first one I have ever been to!

Dinner  lamb chops with sweet potatoes from a magazine.cutting for me, toad in the hole for the other half

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