Sunday 15 June 2014

Ozeri Stainless Steel Earth Frying Pan: Review

 I love to cook as well as bake so was very happy to be asked to review a frying pan from Ozeri. It boasts a non-stick coating made of "eterna", and does not use the same chemicals found in other cookware called PFOA - so anything that is potentially less harmful gets my vote.

But what is it actually like to use?

The frying pan is made of stainless steel so is quite heavy, but not as heavy as my cast iron Le Creuset pan, which I find quite difficult to hold sometimes when I am dishing up food. The coating is scratch-resistant so I will have to see how that fares over time but so far it is in perfect condition.

I'm moving house soon and will have an induction hob in my new house. That means I will have to get rid of most of my cookware - a lot of which is a bit past it anyway - and invest in new pans suitable for an induction hob. This frying pan can be used with induction stoves which is great, so I am really looking forward to using it when I move.

 The blurb for the frying pan says the special coating means you don't need to use as much oil in the pan to cook with. I usually use a few sprays of Fry Light which gives a much lighter coating than oil anyway, and sometimes I find with other pans that food does stick, but not with the Ozeri pan.

The ultimate test was to fry bacon in my new frying pan - my boyfriend is very particular about his bacon sandwiches. The bacon has to be streaky, each rasher has to be laid flat in the pan and not overlapping, and it has to be cooked until it is extremely crispy - but not burnt (though to be fair, he doesn't mind it a bit burnt either!). Using the Ozeri pan I found that the bacon cooked quickly and evenly and didn't burn onto the pan; the pan was also very easy to clean afterwards.

The pan even comes with a protective cloth that you place in the pan if you are going to stack other things on top in your cupboard, which is a genius idea. It also makes the pan seem a bit more luxury - like when you buy a handbag that comes with a dust cover. As I have to replace some of my other pans when I move into the new house and have the induction hob, I will definitely be looking at the Ozeri product range.

The frying pan is available from Amazon and normally retails at £39.99 but at the moment is £24.99 which I think is a bargain.

Oh, and my boyfriend really enjoyed his bacon sandwich :-)

I was sent this frying pan free of charge to review. I was not asked to write a positive review.

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