Monday 2 June 2014

Meal Planning Monday 2014: Week 23

Breakfast poached eggs with smoked salmon

Lunch sandwich

Dinner spaghetti bolognese

Breakfast low fat yogurt

Lunch leftover spaghetti bolognese
Dinner Will do a class at the gym and be home late so I will have a Weightwatchers ready meal and my boyfriend will have pizza

Breakfast poached eggs with ham
Lunch piri piri chicken salad from Slimming World fakeaway book if I have the energy to make it - if not I'll have a sandwich.
Dinner home alone - mango beef in lettuce cups - Slow Cooker book p.48

Breakfast yogurt

Lunch baked sweet potato

Dinner at a friend's house

Breakfast cereal or yogurt

Lunch  maybe a sandwich
Dinner burger and chips

Breakfast yogurt

Lunch beans on toast for him, Bachelors pasta and sauce for me

Dinner will invite my boyfriend's mum over, who is vegetarian. She really likes Chinese and Thai food so from the new Slimming World fakeaway book I will make the vegetable noodles, the special prawn fried rice and the pork pad thai (minus the pork for her). As my boyfriend doesn't like noodles he can have a Thai green chicken curry as it's still from the right geographical region! For dessert, clafoutis.

Breakfast yogurt

Lunch bacon sandwich for him, veggie sausage sandwich for me

Dinner lamb chops with sweet potatoes from a magazine.cutting for me, toad in the hole for him

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