Tuesday 1 April 2014

Alphabakes Random Recipe Challenge

We've been through every letter of the recipe with Alphabakes, and so we are starting afresh... but this time with a twist!
Alphabakes, hosted by me and Ros at the More Than Occasional Baker,  is teaming up with one of our favourite bloggers and challenges, Random Recipes run by Dom at Belleau Kitchen. It's just for this month, and it should make the first letter of the new Alphabakes challenge a bit more interesting. So the letter we are baking with this month is....


BUT here's what you need to do: choose a recipe book from your shelf at random (either close your eyes, use a random number generator, ask your nearest and dearest to pick a number, it's up to you) and then turn to the index at the back. There should be plenty of recipes and ingredients in the section under A - unless you are very unlucky of course! - and we want you to pick one of those to make. The recipe you make is your choice, but the book that it comes from has to be selected at random.
taking part should be fun but there are a few simple rules to follow: 

1. randomly select a book from your cookbook collection ... you can do this any number of ways, Dom says he likes to count them all, assign each one a number and then randomly draw a book out of the hat but you could throw them all up in the air and select the one that hits you... I leave the selection process to you

2. take that book and go to the index of the book and randomly chose a recipe under the letter A...

3. cook the recipe you land on... and don't cheat... select the recipe with a friend in the room who will make you stick to it... it's a challenge after all and you're only cheating yourself... this is specifically designed to take you out of your comfort zone...!

4. you may change the recipe for dietary or monetary or seasonal availability reasons only

5. post it up on your blog, with a link to Belleau Kitchen, me and Ros then email us with a link at dominic(@)belleaukitchen.co.uk and alphabakes@gmail.com so we know you've joined in... you can also attach the joint badge to show people you're taking part… so no excuses not to let us know!

6. tweet your entry to  @belleauktichen, @caroline_makes and @bakingaddict  including the hashtag #randomrecipes and #alphabakes and we will retweet all we see

7. taking part in this challenge automatically qualifies you for entry into the alphabakes challenge and vice versa

8. challenge deadline is April 28th


  1. fab... so exciting, can't wait for the fun to begin!

  2. Yay an AlphaBakes and Random Recipes mash up - should be good fun and thank goodness it's A!


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