Monday 28 April 2014

Meal Planning Monday 2014 - Week 18

Sausages and burgers I made at the Hobbs House cookery school with the Fabulous Baker Brothers at the weekend

My birthday  my boyfriend is taking me out to dinner

 Fish and chip pie for me, chicken curry pie for him- a slightly random recipe that I will blog about later!

Probably working late so maybe a pizza for him and pasta for me

Brunch Out with work colleagues as we have to be in very early for something today
Dinner steak and chips

A slight change of plan for the weekend so I'm rewriting the meal plan...

Lunch baked potatoes

Dinner honey glazed duck leg, the Slow Cooker Book p.124

Brunch Belated birthday picnic with two of my friends
Dinner chicken curry with naan breads

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