Thursday 3 April 2014

Restaurant Review: The Norfolk Arms, King's Cross London

Restaurant name: Norfolk Arms 
Location: Leigh Street, London. It's not far from King's Cross, in the area known as Bloomsbury.
Description: This looks like a traditional English pub (that is, a boozer) but the food on offer is a mixture of Spanish tapas and upmarket British-meets-Mediterranean dishes. Reason for visit: My friend had just moved into a flat in the area so when I went over for the first time we decided to try this place nearby for dinner.
I ate: Rabbit ragu tagliatelle, which consisted of shredded rabbit in a creamy sauce on a bed of pasta.
My companion ate: The mixed vegetable mezze with a side of houmous
The food was: It was the first time I've ever eaten rabbit, and to be honest I chose it because I'm quite fussy (understatement of the year) and there weren't many other main courses on the menu I thought I would like (e.g I love salmon, but it was served with beetroot which I don't like, and the lamb came with chickpeas and spinach, also not something I particularly enjoy). I was pleasantly surprised as the dish was delicious.
The atmosphere/service was: We hadn't booked but they were happy to squeeze us in on a long table next to some other people. It was a little cramped but fine.
Price range/value for money: Not cheap - main course are around £12.50-£14.50 - but a welcome change from chain pubs and restaurants, of which there are many around King's Cross and the food is of a high standard.
Would I recommend it? Yes, the food was good and I'd be interested to try the tapas, though the main menu is a bit limited if you are a fussy eater who prefers traditional British pub food.

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