Saturday 19 April 2014

Triple Chocolate and Ginger Hot Cross Chelsea Buns

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This Easter Dr. Oetker has teamed up with Great British Bake Off finalist Kimberley Wilson to encourage bakers to make their own hot cross buns. Anyone who remembers Kimberley from GBBO will know that she has of course put her own spin on it - in this case made the hot cross buns into chelsea buns, and chosen chocolate and ginger as the flavour.

Dr. Oetker has made a video of Kimberley demonstrating the recipe, which you can watch here.

They've asked me to share the recipe with you as well; here it is in full.

Triple Chocolate and Ginger Hot Cross Chelsea Buns
Preparation time: 34 minutes plus proving time
Cooking time: 20 minutes
Makes: 12

Bun dough
500g strong white bread flour
7g fast-action dried yeast
75g caster sugar
Pinch of salt
1tsp ground cinnamon
1tsp ground ginger
50g unsalted butter
300ml Soy milk
100g Dr. Oetker Fine Cooks’ Dark Chocolate
50g unsalted butter, softened
100g dried mixed fruit
100g crystallised ginger pieces
100g Dr. Oetker Milk Chocolate Chips
50g Dr. Oetker Dark Chocolate Chips
100g apricot glaze
70g Dr. Oetker Fine Cooks’ White Chocolate
10 buns
  • 1.       Place the fruit into a bowl, cover with boiling water and set aside.
  • 2.       Combine the flour, yeast and sugar in a large mixing bowl and sprinkle over the salt. Over a low heat melt the butter and 100g Dr. Oetker Fine Cooks Dark Chocolate in a small saucepan. Once melted, add the milk and continue to heat until blood temperature.
  • 3.       Tip the milk mix into the flour mixture and bring together with fingertips until a sticky dough forms. Tip it out on to a work surface and knead until it comes together. It is quite a wet mixture so this may take about 10 minutes.
  • 4.       Place in an oiled bowl, cover with cling film and leave until doubled in size.
  • 5.       Tip on to a floured surface and roll out into large rectangle about 5mm thick. Spread with the softened butter.
  • 6.       Drain the fruit and combine with the remaining filling ingredients. Sprinkle over the buttered dough.
  • 7.       Starting from a long side roll in to a fairly tight, long sausage. Divide into 10 pieces. Arrange on a 35cm x 26cm deep sided roasted tin, cut side up. Cover with cling film and leave to prove until only about 1cm of space remains between each bun.
  • 8.       Heat oven to 200C. Bake in the centre of the oven for 15-18 minutes. Remove from the oven and glaze while still hot. Transfer to a cooling rack and allow to cool completely before melting the 70g Dr. Oetker Fine Cooks White Chocolate in a piping bag. Pipe crosses over the cooled bun. Pop into the fridge for a few minutes to set the White Chocolate. Serve!

Kimberley Wilson is part of the Dr. Oetker Even Better Baking Team, for further tips, trends and recipes visit

Disclaimer: Dr. Oetker asked if I would be willing to share this recipe and video with my readers. I received no compensation for doing so. I just think it's a good recipe!


  1. These sound fab. I love the combination of chocolate and ginger. Unfortunately the pic does not seem to have appeared on my screen. Did someone eat it off the internet so that I can't drool over it?

    1. I'm not sure, the picture looks fine on my screen...

  2. i tried making hot cross buns once--they turned out like lumps of lead!

  3. I love the sound of this and would love to see the picture but it is not appearing on my screen either :-( wish I had eaten it off the screen


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